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Learn Spanish with Nothing less than a Man

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Libro Learn Spanish with Nothing less than a Man

Best way to learn Spanish by reading Learn Spanish with an intense novel by Miguel de Unamuno, a famous Spanish author killed by the fascists. The best way to learn Spanish just by reading. No need to look up words with our interlinear material! We have added a word for word interlinear translation to the Spanish text. This means that the meaning of every Spanish word is immediately accessible, which in turn will make it much easier for you to expand your Spanish vocabulary fast. How to learn Spanish fast and easy with this book Use the following method to learn Spanish vocabulary fast and easy. Read the stories and re-read them until you know almost all the words. This is a fast process because there's no lookup time. Then focus on the remaining words that you still don't know by marking those in the text or noting their pages. Because of the literal and idiomatic interlinear text this is the best way to learn Spanish reading fast. Also, contact us on shop.hyplern.com for non-translated pdf versions of this book with which you can practice reading Spanish without the interlinear translation. The same goes for the mp3s that go with the text if available. The best app to learn Spanish is also available for this book on hyplern.com. The HypLern project has been creating manually word-for-word translated language material since 2006. The aim of our project is to allow students to start reading the language of their choice immediately, and expand their vocabulary fast. Learn Spanish from basics by reading from day one. Check out our HypLern interlinear books in Dutch, French, German, Russian, Swedish or many other languages as well!

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Subtítulo: Interlinear Spanish to English

Número de páginas: 157


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