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La Tienda de Los Suicidas

Sinopsis del Libro

Libro La Tienda de Los Suicidas

The Suicide Shop, set in a futuristic world, is about the Tuvache family who sells the means for people to kill themselves (ropes tied for hanging, poison in bottles, and more). Mishima, Lucrece, and their children Vincent, Marilyn, and Alan are in the business to help others, though they cannot personally use any of their products. When asked why not, their mother replies that Ive told you a hundred times: because its impossible. Whod look after the shop? However, the parents have tried out one item and greatly regret this decision for most of the book. You see, they tested a condom with a hole in it (for those that want to die from an STD) and the product was their last son Alan who is a disgrace to the moody family. After all, hes just too happy!

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Número de páginas: 160


  • Jean Teulé


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