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Libros de Charlotte Taylor (2 libros)

Yo pido disculpas (I Say I'm Sorry)

Libro Yo pido disculpas (I Say I'm Sorry)

Knowing when to say we're sorry means knowing when we've hurt someone, whether it was intentional or not. This is not always easy to do, especially for children. This book presents readers with a variety of relatable scenarios in which young people recognize the need for an apology. Readers follow Louis as he shares an embarrassing secret about Aaron with his other classmates, who make fun of Aaron. Louis feels bad for sharing Aaron's secret. What can he do? Each colorful spread presents a different real-life situation that will instill in readers the importance of knowing when to say, "I'm...

Yo soy justo (I Am Fair)

Libro Yo soy justo (I Am Fair)

Children often assume that being fair means that everyone gets the same number of cookies, but at the heart of fairness is consideration, respect, and caring for others. Your readers will encounter real-life situations in which young people figure out how to act fairly. They'll meet Ben and Jane who are playing on the swings at recess while other children wait to use the swings. What is the fair thing to do? Each spread consists of one of these relatable scenarios along with a full-color photograph. Fun, accessible text encourages readers to consider how they treat others as they discover...