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Libros de María Fernanda Heredia (3 libros)

Contagio, El

Libro Contagio, El

A little girl catches a cold from her seatmate at school, chickenpox from her little brother, and other illnesses from other people, but there is one contagion she really does want to catch.

Como Debo Hacer Para No Olvidarte

Libro Como Debo Hacer Para No Olvidarte

When it is time for the swallow to migrate for the winter, her good friend, the turtle, is afraid of forgetting her even though she promises to return, no matter what she suggests could serve as a reminder.

Cupido Es un Murcielago

Libro Cupido Es un Murcielago

On the first day of school, Javier is confused. In looking for the boys washroom, he mistakenly enters the girls washroom. There he sees Angeles and immediately falls in love. His new love, however, is not as sweet and enchanting as she seems.