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Libros de Víctor Fuentes (2 libros)

El blocao

Libro El blocao

El blocao, Novela de la guerra marroqui, by Jose Diaz Fernandez constitutes one of the finest examples of the Modernist-Vanguardist aesthetics in Spanish literature. In a truly elegant way its author achieves his explicit goal to -interest the reader in a different way than the usual: that is, by plunging him into an opaque and tragic world without heroes or outstanding individuals, the way I experienced Morocco then-. Considered by some critics a short novel, by others a collection of stories or descriptions, it complies with the author's express intention to -compose a novel with no...

Locura y muerte de Nadie

Libro Locura y muerte de Nadie

Between wars (1918-1939) Benjamin Jarnes (1888-1949) was considered among the most appreciated Spanish writers, and his novels were distinguished by the European critiques of the time. "Locura y muerte de Nadie," along "Paula y Paulita," "Escenas junto a la muerte" and "Teoria del zumbel," belong to a fiction cycle, unique in the peninsular narrative of those years; novels in which Jarnes experiments with the new forms of metafiction to highlight the existential condition of the human being in the newly technified mass society. "Locura y muerte de Nadie," simultaneously "agonic" and...